Dshanna: a dynamic force in the music world, serving as a DJ, live act, audio technician, and music coach. Originally from Stuttgart and now based in Berlin, her musical journey began with piano and violin, but it was founding her own party series, "Kreativform Trümmerfeld," that sparked her love for Techno.

As a DJ, Dshanna mixes fast-paced Beats, groovy Techno, and Hardcore rhythms, captivating audiences at Stuttgart's Toy Club and beyond. In Berlin, she pursued music pedagogy while dropping tracks on labels like Finder Records and MRTZ.

Deeply entrenched in Berlin's music scene, Dshanna is a key player in events like the Sample Music Festival and the HRDWRE project, where she champions modular and analog music culture. Additionally, she shares her expertise through Ableton workshops, focusing on empowering flinta groups, and serves as a product expert and social media manager for Tascam in Europe.

When Dshanna takes the stage, it's not just a performance – it's an experience. Her live shows are a sensual journey through sound, a tantalizing blend of heavy beats, intense energy, and pure, unadulterated passion.